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Fringe Festival is original born in Edinburgh in 1947, which is becoming one of the biggest and most popular art events in the world. The spirit of Fringe is following the idea of open and free, concerning about the special and diversification, finding out potential of the art and bringing more imagination possibility with no boundary.

Shenzhen Fringe Festival is an art festival in the era of "everyone is an artist". It is an art festival with blocks and squares as the main stage. It explores the way to integrate fringe art into public life. Compared with the mainstream art festival, Shenzhen Fringe Festival emphasizes creativity and surprise, advocates the participation of the whole people, develops modern art, and integrates the various aspects of urban life into the artistic performance, and practices the spirit of "Art Everyone, Stage Everywhere". This is an unconventional festival, which you and I can afford. Since its inception in December 2010, from exhibitions to concerts, hundreds of exciting events from around the world have been launched, covering all art forms, including: street art parades, dance, drama, music, film, architecture, photography, visual art, design, etc.

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