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The 12th Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2021

​全城艺穗 Fringe the City



Shenzhen Fringe Festival is in its 12th year, and rather than seeking and intervening in the city's culture, it is constantly reinventing itself along with the city's changes. With the slogan "Fringe the City", Shenzhen Fringe Festival 2021 is dedicated to cross-border cooperation, cultivation of new talents, and local participation.

We look for the spark and growth of the Fringe Festival and the city in different dimensions, exploring the collision and communion between individuals and the city. With an emphasis on building long-term relationships with artists, the Fringe has always provided them with the opportunity to explore freely. The Fringe Festival returns to Haide Square this year, allowing the world's music from all genres to exchange in an open venue that promotes the development of local music culture and art in China. The "Fringe Bus" is a mobile performance stage that travels the city's streets with a child-friendly mission. The "Fringe in Town" brings city residents closer to the artists and brings art and life together in the community. "Fringe Online" links Chinese and British artists to discuss social inclusion and gender equality issues online. The re-emergence of "Fringe Shop" has always provided a place for people who love art to share and gather. The "Fringe New Vision" is a voice about "love", so that love can continue and spread in the city.

With 127 groups of artists and teams participating, 7 sections, lasting 11 days, and 48 wonderful performances, the 2021 Shenzhen Fringe Festival continues to try to infiltrate art into the city's culture, while also leading every individual to participate and experience, everyone can become a part of it, and every wonderful and moving moment is worthy of being included. May we in the city always be accompanied by art, and see you again next year!

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