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The 10th Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2019

​一分光 十分热 Glowing Fringe


Fringe Festival has become one of the most popular art festivals in the city. Over 70 years, Fringe Festivals have always featured in encouraging freedom of creation. As long as you have passion for art and enjoy performing, you are welcome to perform in Fringe Festival, which also gives an stage for peoples who love art.

Born in this young and vibrant city, Shenzhen Fringe Festival has also evolved its own characteristics over the years. It values the interaction between artists and the city, also the organicity and possibilities of art. In addition, we pay more attention to the audience experience, which is an important element of the Fringe Festival. The audience who come to watch the Fringe shows may more than a recipient, they are also participants, or even performers. Therefore this year, we add a number of guided tours to let the audience understand the stories behind art creation and urban culture. Special population is also organized to participate in parent-kid programmes, so that more people can enjoy the joy brought by art. Thus, The Shenzhen Fringe Festival is becoming a stage equal for professional performance and amateur creation. Moreover, a place where mainstream and objection coexist.

Unlike other art festivals, Fringe Festival does not belongs to any exclusive category, which means it cannot be defined clearly. Artists are brought together from all over the world, making every performance uniquely brilliant. This year, we have more professional venues to create more possibilities for artists of all kinds, but meanwhile, management and organizational issues challenge us. It is a big difficulty to perform in public space, for that unexpected situations can occur at any time. We are short for manpower experience, and versatility. But with sufficient patience and enthusiasm, we are strong-willed enough to let the artists believe that their work will be well presented on our stage.

Every year, Shenzhen Fringe Festival is a start, a journey, a celebration, and it brings us all together into one. At the end of this November, we are inviting each of you to come and feel the joy and pleasure from art. Your applause and encouragement will be a great compliment for Fringer who insist on fringe dreams. Fringe with your participation, will be extraordinary!

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