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The 8th Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2017

​Fringe Here!艺穗在这里


The most fantastic part about the city is, not just the place that you need to pay for fancy, but the public space for every citizens.Shenzhen Fringe Festival focus on exploring different art pioneers and creative forms ofperformance, also, breaking the limitations of the theater space, encouraging artists use the outdoor fields to express the initial creative idea.This is the time to break the boundaries,circles and space.

This is the year of 70th Anniversary of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. On the World Fringe Day (July.11), we held a sharing meeting for fringers, and share the wonderful stories together. The Fringe organizers from all over the world celebrated the activities together and post in social media, which are perfectly connect people together. From 2010 to 2017, 8 years is not that long for a festival. But what making us proud of , must be the 63 days,602 amazing shows, more than 6700 artists from all over the world get involved for Shenzhen citizens.

2017 Shenzhen Fringe Festival, we want to do more. Holding the big idea“Fringe Here”, we arrange 9 stages, not just make it happen in the center of Nanshan District, but Wenxin Park, Nanshan Culture & Sport theater, Guimiao Village, and Shekou Haiwan Road. We spread the art into different corners of this city, keep the spirit of “STAGE EVERYWHERE”. The curiosity of the audience inspire the artists to try new themes and forms of shows, this year, as always, more than 400 artists from all over the world and the locals were invited through open recruitment, they will bring spectacular performance to audiences. Here are full of adventurous actors on the stage, the audience who are willing to try, the place where citizen stayed, the show where Fringe Festival staged.

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