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The 9th Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2018

​Be Fringe!够艺穗


Around the world, the Fringe Festival has become one of the most popular arts festivals in the city. With a history of 70 years, the most important feature of the Fringe Festival has always been to encourage creative freedom, as long as you love the arts and love to perform, you have the opportunity to be part of the Fringe Festival's performance team, which also gives people who love the arts an entry stage.

The Fringe Festival, born in this young and dynamic city, has also come out with its own identity over the years. The Shenzhen Fringe Festival emphasizes the interaction between artists and the city, the organic nature and possibilities of art. In addition, we focus on the experience of the audience's presence. The "experience" is an important element of the Fringe. The audience that comes to the Fringe may not only be the receiver, but also the participant, or even a member of the performers. This year, a number of guided tours have been added to let audiences understand the stories behind the creation of art and the city's culture, and special needs groups have been organized to participate in parent-child programs so that more people can enjoy the joy of art. Shenzhen Fringe Festival is becoming a stage where professional performances and vegetarian creations are equally presented, and a field where mainstream and dissent coexist.

The Fringe Festival is not as clearly definable as other exclusive category arts festivals. We bring together artists from all over the world, and each show is unique and exciting. This year we have more professional performance spaces to create more possibilities for artists of many disciplines, but also the challenges of management and organization. Doing performances in public spaces is also difficult, with all kinds of unexpected situations to face at any time. The team is short on manpower, experience, and expertise, but we have the will to be strong enough, and the patience and enthusiasm to make the artists believe that their performances can be presented well on the Fringe.

Every Fringe Festival is a starting point, a journey, a celebration that brings us all together as one. At the end of this October, please come along to the Fringe Festival to experience the joy and happiness that art brings. Your applause and encouragement is a great compliment to every Fringe member who holds on to his or her dreams. The Fringe, with your participation, is wonderful!

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