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Shenzhen Fringe Art Center( FAC for short) is an arts organization focused on urban cultural events. Our mission is to believe in the power of art to contribute to social development, and to enable people of all ages to encounter culture and art. FAC is committed to becoming the most forward-looking and creative art institution in China, creating an art and cultural ecosystem with an international perspective, achieving a balance of sustainable development that connects society, business and folk, and promoting the development of urban public art culture.

FAC carries out a wide range of dynamic art projects in the three major areas of international exchange, multiculturalism, and social welfare. We focus on and deeply cultivate performing arts and visual arts, insist on independent planning and active participation in them, and become the engine of social and cultural development, promoting the exchange of Chinese local and international multi-art culture.

All FAC work plans center on the power of art to help society develop, and provide unique, innovative and inspiring works and activities for the local art community. Presenting the diversity of art through a global perspective, it is committed to expanding the audience, promoting the possibility of art, and promoting cooperation and exchanges in different art fields. While providing artistic and cultural life to the public, we shoulder the mission of supporting and nurturing local artists.

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