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Shenzhen Fringe Art Center:
Embracing Art's Global Diversity, Enriching City's Public Creativity

Shenzhen Fringe Art Center (FAC) is a non-profit art and culture organization based in Shenzhen, China, specializing in visual and performing arts, both through independent curation and active participation. Our mission and endeavors are to believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to foster social development, allowing people of all ages to experience and engage with cultural and artistic expressions. It aims to focus on the exchange and cooperation of international multicultural art activities, community interaction, education, and training, while enhancing art communication with an open, inclusive, and independent attitude.


FAC engages in a wide range of dynamic art projects in the areas of international exchange, multiculturalism, and social welfare, acting as a gateway for social and cultural development, facilitating the exchange of diverse artistic cultures between China and the international community. Furthermore, we provide the local and international art community with unique, innovative, and inspiring activities. By presenting art from a global perspective, we aim to push the boundaries of artistic possibilities, and foster collaboration and exchange among diverse artistic fields and the cultural lives of the public.



Q:What is a cultural private non-enterprise and what does FAC do?


A:Cultural private non-enterprise units are non-profit social organizations whose income is used to serve and expand the spiritual life of the public more broadly, provide a channel for the expression of civic voices, and creatively intervene and promote issues of social concern. 

Shenzhen Fringe Art Center (FAC) is an arts organization focused on urban cultural activities. Our core purpose is "to believe that art has the energy to help social development, so that children and old people can share and meet culture and art". We are committed to becoming the most forward-looking and creative art institution in China, creating an art and culture ecosystem with an international perspective, achieving a balance of linking society, business and folk for sustainable development, and promoting the development of urban public art and culture.

FAC carries out a wide range of dynamic art projects in three areas: international exchange, multiculturalism, and social welfare. We focus on and cultivate the performing and visual arts, insist on independent planning and active participation in them, become the engine of social and cultural development, and promote the exchange of local and international multicultural arts in China.

Q:What are the characteristics of FAC compared to other institutions, galleries and art foundations?


A:All of FAC's work plans are centered on the energy that art has to contribute to the development of society, providing unique, innovative, and inspiring works and events for the local art community. By presenting the diversity of art through a global perspective, we strive to expand the audience, promote the possibilities of art, and foster collaboration and exchange among different art fields. In addition to providing artistic and cultural life for the public, it also has a mission to support and nurture local artists. The income source is partly used for public utility related expenses, which is the most different from other commercial art institutions and galleries.


More than other art institutions, FAC is concerned with the following questions: What role can art institutions play in the cultural promotion of the city? How to make the art industry develop healthily? How to promote social change in a practical way?

Q:FAC's work covers a very wide range of areas and types, what are your most important core projects and their selection criteria?


A:Focusing on the integration of art and society, FAC's core programs will continue for many years: Young Art Talents, Urban Public Space, Sustainable Design, Children's Aesthetic Education, Women's Equal Development, Art Technology, and International Cultural Exchange.


We always think about what "living" art is, and that's always our criteria for selecting artists and art projects, and bringing art to everyone is a priority in our work.

Q: Is FAC an independent social organization? Or is it a direct agency established by the government?


A:FAC is an independently operated private non-enterprise unit. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on the registration and management of social organizations, FAC was approved for registration by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau in 2017, and the business supervisor is the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. It is required to submit annual reports for annual inspection and is subject to the management and supervision of various government departments.


FAC independently plans and organizes projects with international and domestic art and cultural institutions and other cross-border cooperation, which also includes projects with local governments, such as the World Fringe Congress, Edinburgh Festival Association, British Council, Luxembourg Consulate, Manchester Design, Manchester Brighter Sound, Adelaide Festival Association, Instituto Cultural do Governo da R.A.E. de Macau, Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Designers Association, Hong Kong Arts Festival @ Tai Kwun, Shenzhen Nanshan District Committee Propaganda Department Longgang District Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC, etc.

Q:Where does the funding for FAC come from? How to face the challenges of the general environment and further innovate to generate revenue?


A:As a private non-enterprise, we are committed to building an art and culture ecosystem with an international perspective to achieve a balance that connects society, business and the private sector in a three-way linkage for sustainable development.


While adhering to our mission of public cultural development, all of our income comes from a diverse range of partners, including international and domestic leaders and institutions in various industries. We also welcome interested new friends to reach out to us to explore diverse perspectives of cooperation: special funds, public service ventures, individual network donations, cross-border co-branding, consulting, etc., so that institutions can take greater responsibility for public culture.

Q:How does FAC promote social equity through cultural and artistic practices?


A:FAC supports inclusion and accessibility in the arts. We collaborated with Asian art platforms to create artwork for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, promoting inclusivity. We prioritize accessibility in exhibitions and events for people with disabilities.

We also promote gender equality and women's empowerment, being a signatory member of the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles. We raise awareness of women's issues through art projects and support women and non-binary artists.

Additionally, we are committed to environmentally sustainable art practices. As part of The Gallery Climate Coalition, we reduce our exhibitions' resource consumption and environmental impact. Through art, we inspire action for environmental protection and sustainability.

FAC breaks barriers related to gender and disabilities, advocating for equality and inclusiveness. We contribute to diverse and sustainable urban culture.

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​Address: 604, Idea Factory, Nantou City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China


Tel: 0755 8389 0488​



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