2020 OCT-LOFT公共艺术展|余物新秩序



对于物怀有崇敬之心,方能体会物之美。2020 OCT-LOFT 公共艺术展所用材料都是近五个月收集的生活垃圾及闲置物品,每一件物品我们都做了详尽的记录,并对展后的用途做了合理安排。疫情原因,国外艺术家无法抵达现场,我们与社区公众、商家及公益机构等不同群体一起,以超乎寻常的热情,和艺术家连线共同完成每一作品。这是一次全新的尝试,但社区渗透与开源共建的手段恰恰是公共艺术的特殊魅力。










2020 OCT-LOFT Public Art Exhibition|Trash New Order

This is an art exhibition about 'TRASH'.

To manufacture, use, and discard, we often think that turning into trash is the end of the life journey of an item. However, it is the starting point of the trash drifting. The discarded trash does not necessarily lose its value. As user, time and space change, its original attributes, meaning, value and emotions carried will also be reset. We try to rethink and explore the meaning of 'TRASH' through a continuous artistic social practice.

Only when you have respect for things can you appreciate the beauty of things. The materials used in 2020 OCT-LOFT Public Art Exhibition are all domestic trash and idle items collected in the past five months. We have made a detailed record of each item and made reasonable arrangements for its use after the exhibition. Due to the epidemic, foreign artists could not reach the scene. However, we worked with different groups such as the community, shops and charity organizations to complete each work together under extraordinary enthusiasm and zooming with artists. This is a brand new attempt, but the meaning of community engagement and co-construction is precisely the special charm of public art.

The meaning of action exists in daily life. Every tiny move will have an immeasurable effect in the future. Just as Hanamori Yasuji said: "The matter of 'cherishing things' cannot be done without a soft heart." There is an interesting story behind each work. We cherish all these related backgrounds and emotions along with the objects themselves. We hope you can 'peek out' the sincerity and temperature from them, transform clapping hands into actions, and rebuild the beauty with the wounded earth.

Rethink the zone, rebuild the relationship and reconnect with yourself. In this special time, let's be the face of the change and voice for nature through trash. TRASH TODAY, TREASURE TOMORROW.

Organizer: OCT-LOFT

Curatorial Team: Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Curator: Eric Zhu

Special Unit Co-Curator: DuDo

Exhibition Director: Bofeng Liao

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