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This year, Fringe Film Festival launched a new section Lingnan Style and takes it as the core in the future.

Lingnan film is the only remaining and uninterrupted regional film cultural phenomenon in China. In the 1930s, left-wing filmmakers went south to Hong Kong to revitalize early Cantonese film, and the Pearl River Film Studio was established in Guangzhou in the 1960s.  After the reform and opening-up, Ding Yinnan, Zhangliang, Zhang Zeming, Sun Zhou and other directors revived Lingnan film. At the same period, Hong Kong film rose a new wave. From the return of Hong Kong film after 2000 to the boom of new films in Lingnan, Lingnan film has always rooted in traditional Lingnan culture, but it was the first to face the shock of modernization and Western culture, and the first to join the topic of urbanization and post-modern. Over the past hundred years, although there were ups and downs, it has never stopped but created numerous classics.

Compared with flourishing film production, it is not enough to comb and present Lingnan film. Shenzhen is at the center of the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration in Lingnan. Endowed with unique conditions, we regard Lingnan Film as the core content of Fringe Film Festival.

We will sort out the classics of Lingnan film from 1930 to the golden age and newcomers’ new works which are in full swing everywhere. At the same time, we will hold a forum and invite filmmakers, experts and scholars to share wonderful moments of film-making and film history with audiences. Additionally, most directors of the exhibited films are invited to share their experience with audiences face to face.

We will continue to make Fringe Film Festival to be the center of attention, the annual date of films and Shenzhen people and a way for filmmakers across the Straits to know Shenzhen.

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