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Lingnan film is the only remaining and uninterrupted regional film cultural phenomenon in China.


In the 1930s, left-wing filmmakers went south to Hong Kong to revive early Cantonese production, and the Pearl River Film Studio was established in the 1960s in Guangzhou. During the 1970s, the new wave of Hong Kong film rose. After the reform and opening-up, Ding Yinnan, Zhangliang, Zhang Zeming, Sun Zhou and other directors revived Lingnan film. From the return of Hong Kong-produced films after 2000 to the eruption of folk films in Lingnan today, Lingnan film and Lingnan cultre where Lingnan film has always rooted are the first to face the shock of modernization and Western culture and also are the first to join the topic of urbanization and post-modern. With the continuous transformation, they are rolling forward. Over the past hundred years, although there are ups and downs, they synchronize with the evolution and turbulence of Chinese society.

This edition of FFF established a new section Lingnan Syle and sliced films after the 1990s, especially new productions in Lingnan in recent years. What it wants to convey is that society has been more and more convergent in the past hundred years, but films are unprecedented diversified and Lingnan film is the realistic.

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