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电影作者 新语法:自行转向

Section curator/ Mao Chenyu

Film Author, a publication edited alternately by filmmakers, has been published for 13 issues. This is a product of filmmakers’ dissatisfaction with the absence of Chinese contemporary independent film criticism. Surprisingly, in addition to a place where they produce film, it became another place for them to gather and discuss. It also became an important phenomenon for Chinese independent film in recent years. Nowadays, film authors are raising film festivals by their own to show the possibilities of new grammar.

Film Author New Grammar: Self-steering selects five filmmakers’ productions. Qiu Jiongjiong’s The Story of Zhang duplicates human who was forced by ideology in the history. Cong Feng’s Rooms with Mao's Images narrates an isolation generated by people who wandering in a fake spiritual world. Lin Xin’s Koudelka draws an image of human political history and a place where ego humanism can be accommodated. Wu Wenguang’s Investigating My Father is a masculinity prominence of writing power that the history of patriarchy is forced to retreat to its documentary body. Mao Chenyu’s Cloud Burst analyzes directly pragmatic rules of current media political ecology by linguist methods.   

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