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here is Zine#14 here is Shenzhen




Maker Lab, No 8 I-Factory Auditorium

gaga鲜语(ten shops in Shenzhen)


​International Exchange


ZINE is an abbreviation for Magazine, which is the same as the magazine's all-encompassing feature, but it is not necessarily a booklet of fixed journals, it can be a script, an illustrator, and even an art device. Dating back to the 1960s, it was the birth of the punk movement, the rise of sub-culture products.

'here is zine#14 here is shenzhen' creative exhibition by the Shenzhen Fringe,  Enlightenment and miniminigallery curated. This exhibition invited 70 creators participation, Shenzhen 40 cross-border artists, they have a different cross-border identity, including sound artist, tattoo artist, illustrator, designer, radio host, film producer and junior high school student and so on. Here, everyone should be respected. We will also exhibit 30 selected works from here is Zine Tokyo and Hong Kong , so that everyone can understand the creative landscape of the three cities from zine.


Sponsor: Shenzhen Design Week Committee

Organizer: Intox Design & Communication

Co-organizer: SDPA

Co-curator: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center, Enlightenment, miniminigallery

Sub-venue: gaga鲜语

Supporter: Antalis, PMQ, ACN, RISING, N+Z design union, Unifringe

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