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​hello hello Postcard Exhibition




​The Cat Street Gallery


International Exchange


Postcards, in a small space, in a few words, between the lines, not only the message, but also the emotions and temperatures emitted by the brush, the concept of the "hello hello postcard" exhibition also came from this. As the exhibition of the 2nd Shenzhen-Hong Kong Design Biennale (co-designed by the Hong Kong Design Association and the Shenzhen Design Capital Promotion Association), the “hello hello postcard” exhibition invited 40 designers under 40 years old in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Young talents, using postcards as a platform for communication, use different expressions to present interesting local customs and cultural scenes. In addition, visitors to the exhibition can write postcards on the spot, sent by the organizer, and say hello hello to friends in the distance.


Organizer: HKFDA, SDPA

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center, The Cat Street Gallery



Benny Au

Design Director of Amazing Angle Design, Co-founder of Amazing Twins

In the 1990s, he brought his design to Japan, exhibited in Tokyo and Osaka, and cooperated with Sony and Hitachi to develop original product series and advertising production. In addition to focusing on graphic and typographical work, the miniminigallery is also being set up in the workshop to plan exhibitions and symposiums on design, photography and books. Among them, the large-scale design activities include "SEVEN - Japan's top art exhibition", "Tokyo, Japan The Font Guided Exhibition is held in Hong Kong, "Tokyo Design Week 2007 Love from Hong Kong Exhibition" and "The First Shenzhen-Hong Kong Design Biennale". In addition to being collected by many international art galleries, the works have won numerous design awards in Hong Kong and overseas. In 2008, they were selected as one of Hong Kong's top ten outstanding designers. He is currently a member of the Hong Kong Designers Association, Japan's Tokyo Type Directors Club and Japan's JAGDA.


Eric Zhu

Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

Born in Guangdong in 1976. Graduated from the London University of Arts in 2003 with a degree in Interactive Multimedia. Before going abroad, he was one of the founders of Longtu Design and Lemon Communication. After returning to China, he founded the British Way Alliance. He is now responsible for brand design consultants and cultural creative communication, focusing on the management of festival activities and creative research.



(SZ) Xuedong Huang /Fu Bopu /Yuanjian Deng /Chen Xinying /Du Yujian / Liang Jia /Luo Xiaojun /Fang Yuwen /Huang Xiaohuang / Yoyo Lee / Rui Chen /1334 /Xuan Tan /Pucha Guan /Perry Bai / Bofeng Liao / Lemonpapa /Liguang Huang / Jie Chen/ Hao Zhang

(HK) Adonian Chan/Jason Chan/Choi Kim-hung/Ray Lau/Lee Man Chung/Rayman Leung/Ken Lo/Jonathan Mak/Kevin Ng/Roger Ng/Toby Ng/Thomas Siu/Tam Chun-fai, Jeffrey/Leumas To/Chris Tsui/Andrew Wong/Jim Wong/Sunny Wong/Renatus Wu

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