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2017 Shenzhen Design Week “Design/Future” Theme Exhibition




​Shenzhen Shekou I-factory


International Exchange​

future design artwork 0412-02.jpg

Sponsor: Shenzhen Design Week Committee

Organizer: SDPA

Co-curator: Intox Design & Communicaiton, DUDO Design,Studio Movement, Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Supporter: Mobike

Sub-venue: Shekou Sea World

Equipment support: The glory of the best, TCK Print & Digital Co.,Ltd

This is an open exhibition based on the present and bold ideas and joint proposals for future life. It is centered on the four sections of “Living, Education, Communication and Mobility”, through “designing the future design for the future” and “designing for future for the future”. "Design" two main lines, bringing together the world's outstanding and forward-looking products and cases, while exploring the design strength of Shenzhen, exploring the diversity and possibilities of future urban life, and building a three-dimensional relationship between designers, cities and the public. relationship.

The theme exhibition breaks the consistent viewing experience, and uses new media interaction and digital visualization to collect and present data information. Each viewer will carry a data bracelet and build it in real time as a participant through information gathering. Your own "viewing works", and ultimately everyone's tour line will form a unique visual work.

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