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Light up your dream 2015






​Public Art


Since 2004, OCT-LOFT has transformed from an industrial zone transformation into an idle place for creative communication in Shenzhen. It has always been committed to the cross-border integration of “creative design, contemporary art and pioneer music”, which is very modern and fashionable. The art community where popular art and niche culture are concentrated and blended. Numerous inspirational seeds are brewing here, and many ideas are seen here.


During the Christmas and New Year 2015, we launched a “Creative Stage” New Year decoration program. We have set up a New Year art installation with the theme "Light up your dream". The idea of ​​the art installation comes from the stage of the theater. Breaking the concept of "theatrical stage" will move the stage to an open space, and we hope that you and I can participate. At that time, 10 creative workers in the park will share their dreams and project them through the installations in the main blocks of the park. Their ideas illuminate their dreams, the park is their stage, and now the stage here is also for you.

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