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2019 OCT-LOFT Public Art Exhibition
ON/OFF Parking Lot






​Public Art


The parking lot is a common and necessary public space in the city. As a temporary parking place for vehicles, it can not be used for the construction and maintenance of urban traffic order, but in another context, for non-vehicle users, the existence of parking lots are often ignored and dispelled. This is precisely the contradiction of the parking lot as a public space.

“2019 OCT-LOFT Public Art Exhibition – ON/OFF Parking Lot Project”was hosted by OCT-LOFT, Eric Zhu, artistic director of Shenzhen Fringe Art Center, was the curator and chose “parking lot” as the carrier of artistic intervention. Divided into ON/OFF two parts, we invited 13 groups of artists, designers, scholars and creative people from China, Spain, Thailand, Japan and other countries and regions to carry out a series of innovative renovation, creative use and planning of parking spaces. The unconventional parking space will be transformed into a platform for public art and a platform for exploring the possibilities of the future public space. Through four lecture forums, we will rethink the existence and role of the parking lot with the public.


Curator: Eric Zhu

Curatorial Team: Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Visual Design: Intox Design & Communication​

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