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​Musicity Shenzhen




​OCT-LOFT——Tencent Building of Binhai——Shekou Fisherman's Wharf——I-Factory——Design Society——Baishizhou


​Public Art


Musicity is an interactive multimedia music project established by Nick Luscombe in  London in 2010. This year, with the support of the British Council, the Musicity project will be in China for the first time, coming to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The project theme is Urban Regeneration. Three Shenzhen-based musicians, sound artist Zen Lu, experimental musician Piji Shen and singer Cheri Gao, along with three British musicians Simon James, Ash Koosha and Nick Luscombe are to create architectural compositions, one of which will be composed jointly by Simon James and Zen Lu. Musicity Shenzhen is to collaborate with the Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre to launch a series of online and offline activities during the Shenzhen Fringe Festival.

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