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2021 Bàng! Children's Arts Festival

"Bàng Performer"




OCT Harbour


​Public Art

In "Bàng Performer", we build a platform for children to express themselves and communicate with each other through various forms of performing arts, to feel the charm of art and creativity in a stage full of joy and inspiration, and to enjoy a joyful moment of meeting with art.


The children's choir, "Wiggle Little Star", presented a joyful and heartwarming children's choir show, full of children's innocence and pleasant singing voices. The group is made up of children aged 5 to 13 with less than ideal voices but a spontaneous love of singing, aiming to build a friendly and inspiring group that connects communities with their voices and promotes social inclusion through diverse choral education.


Joy Culture presents the original paper puppet interactive play "The Apple Tree". The play is based on the picture book "The Love Tree" by American children's author Shel Silverstein, which tells the story of contribution and giving between a big tree and a boy. Through the innovative form of performance + handicraft, the play unlocks children's creativity and imagination with the thousand variations of kraft paper; it also gives children a better understanding of drama education and its importance, giving them a happier growing experience.


The Trout Smoke Piano Quartet is a group of four world-class performers who graduated from world-renowned schools, such as Yale, Eastman, and Juilliard. In addition to promoting chamber music, the quartet also blends elements of Chinese and Western music, such as jazz, classical, and popular music, and has composed and adapted many familiar classical works. Unlike symphony orchestras and soloists, chamber music is a small and intimate concert, and compared to traditional concert halls, they bring a more interesting and interactive experience in this performance, allowing the audience to experience the charm of music in a different way.

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