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2021 Bàng! Children's Arts Festival

"Bàng Changer"




OCT Harbour


​Public Art


How can public spaces be more child-friendly? In "Unintentional Fun," two teachers, Du Feng Song and Liao Bo Feng, led the children to wander around the public areas of the Happy Coast and use chalk to draw pictures from the children's imagination. The objects could be small flowers, grass, puddles, or anything they found along the way that could inspire creativity. Let the children discover and create new fun in small, unconscious places, evoking their imagination and concentration. In "Joyful Jumping", artists Guan Lyr and Zhang Yihan integrate the fun of playing into public space by setting up childish images and play routes, allowing children to experience the beauty of art creation while jumping and playing to their heart's content.

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