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Shenzhen International Low Carbon City
Public Art Exhibition 2023





Shenzhen International Low Carbon City


Public Art​

Ancient Chinese philosophers, through keen observation and experiences of the impacts of climate change on human physiology, societal development, and the sustenance of plant life, endeavored to grasp the principles governing both their existence and the broader world. They encapsulated this intricate understanding within the concept of Qi. Within the realm of Eastern philosophy, the pursuit of harmony has constantly fostered an inseparable bond between humans and nature, fostering an ongoing quest for cohabitation.


The Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Public Art Exhibition 2023, themed Harmony Reimagined, centers its exploration on the South, delving into climate manifestations, sustainable ecology, and public participation. Its objective is to address prevailing global commonalities and overarching concerns through the lens of southern China’s cultural microcosms. The exhibition is categorized into three perspectives: Be Careful Yeet HayThe Implicit Cycle, and Ever-Changing Weather, aiming to illustrate the nuanced interplay between individuals and the climate.


The exhibition, through invitations and commissions, presents a comprehensive collection of works by 11 groups of artists, integrating into people's daily lives from dawn till dusk. These encompass various art forms such as music, sculpture, architecture, visual imagery, interactive installations, and thematic experiences presented in the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City in Longgang. Moreover, the exhibition will host a series of workshops jointed with the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation to organize concurrent forums.


The exhibition aims to introduce fresh perspectives that can interweave between the diverse cultures of indigenous knowledge and contemporary culture, blending both traditional and emerging elements. Additionally, it seeks to integrate cognitive, sensory, and experiential dimensions. The Harmony Reimagined is not only a slogan or evasion, but rather an understanding derived from engagement in real-life situations, fostering connections among individuals. Significantly, by combining the realms of art creation, the outdoor space, and public engagement, it strives to embody the inspiring vision of Harmony Reimagined, thereby actualizing the principle of Anticipation Leading Action, and Action Creating Anticipation

Organizer:Longgang District Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC

Co-organizer:Pingdi Sub-district Office of Shenzhen Longgang District,

Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Longgang District

Curatorial Institution: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Curator: Eric ZHU, Liu Yang

Exhibition Design: INTOX Design Associates

Supporters(in no particular order):

China Resources Land City Operation Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,

Mangrove Conservation Foundation,

Shenzhen Huacheng International Low Carbon City Development and Construction Co., Ltd.,

Dapeng Peninsula Marine Library

Sustainability Advisor:

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation

Visual Design:

Liao Design

Intox Design Communication Network

PART A Be Careful! Yeet Hay

A-1 Wang Lei&Yile: Fishermen's Ballad

A-2 Mume Design: He ·Pavilion

A-3 Liao Bofeng: Climate Roundtable Meeting

A-4 Sakura Yasuyuki & Sakura Toshie : Rainbow Bridge

PART B The Implicit Cycle

B-1 Ether Studio : Firefly

B-2 Long Pan : Phytometallurgy Series 

B-3 Seiya Kaji : Waving from the South

PART C Ever-Changing Weather

C-1 Shen Lieyi : Rain

C-2 Manfred Yuen : A Fading Bridge 2.0 : Heart to Heart

C-3 Dick Ng : Nature Stories Installation Set (Coffee Break, Reeds Hairstyle Show, Green Travel, A Romance under Tree

C-4 Matt Hope : Outer Ear Inner Sphere 

In addition, the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City-2023 Public Art Exhibition also organizes workshops and artist sharing sessions, and parallel forums with the Beijing Foundation for Contemporary Art, among other activities.


As one of the series activities of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City - Low Carbon Season, the "Sustainable Design in China" Forum, in cooperation with the Beijing Foundation for Contemporary Art, joins hands with famous experts, scholars, designers and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability from all over the country to gather in Longgang District, Shenzhen, to share their respective research and practice experiences in the field of sustainable design, discuss the results in various industries, and explore the way of how to integrate the future of sustainable design into the human life and the ecology of nature.


The "Sustainable Design in China: 2021-2022 Achievement Exhibition" is jointly presented by Shenzhen Frontier Fringe Art Center and the Beijing Foundation for Contemporary Art. The exhibition reviews the outstanding award-winning works of the two competitions, and presents new and dynamic prospects for future development from the perspectives of rural revitalization, recycled materials, eco-creation, nature art, sustainable education, cultural diversity, youth, ethnic minorities and women's creativity. The exhibition presents new and dynamic prospects for future development from the perspectives of rural revitalization, recycled materials, ecological co-creation, natural art, sustainable education, cultural diversity, youth, ethnic minorities, and women's creativity, and echoes many of the issues in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): sustainable urban communities, responsible consumption and production, good health and welfare, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, and industrial innovation, which will help young designers collaborate with each other, and bring about a more far-reaching impact on sustainable thinking.


In addition, the Shenzhen International Low Carbon City - 2023 Public Art Exhibition also features three workshops, the "Harmony and Prosperity" Herbal Tea Workshop, the Sustainable Seafood Workshop, and the Plant Walking Workshop.


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