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2018 Shenzhen Design Week Theme Exhibition
"EVERYTHING?EVERYTHING!" Possibilities of Design




Exhibition Hall A4, Shenzhen MoCAUP


​International Exchange

Sponsor: Shenzhen Design Week Committee

Organizer: Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association (SDPA)

Exhibition Institutions: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center, Dudo Design

Supporter: Intox Design & Communication

Exhibition Design: ONEXN Architects

Visual Design: Layout Brand Design

Curators: Eric Zhu, Fengsong Du

It is a matter of cliché to talk about design. What we are talking about is the boundary of thinking, namely things beyond the field of cognition but touchable in our everyday life. This is an exhibition starting from a pair of chopsticks.


What will be the method and status of a possible design? We try to explore the possibility of design through nine sets of keywords and discuss how design influences the present and puts forward the possibility. It may not be a designer's design, it may not solve the actual problem, or it may not have an answer. Based on the clues of "possibility of changing the habits, possibility of changing the thoughts, possibility of changing the situation, possibility of changing the needs, possibility of changing the conflict, possibility of changing the business, possibility of changing the production, possibility of changing the conclusion and possibility of changing the inheritance", the exhibition tells 15 stories. 


In these wonderful cases, you can see that we no longer pay attention to the "big design" we are talking about today. Instead, we put our vision to different corners of the world such as Africa. We display the application of design in several fields in Uganda, including health, education and agriculture. We display how to create things from unexpected materials while combing aesthetics of the times and aesthetics of life, including wearable wood, carton purses and remanufactured waste ceramics. We also display how to communicate Zen and Tao using the latest

technology and forms and breaking the inherent nouns. It is more important to put the "Possibility of Design", which is being talked about today, back to the driving force of "design value", generating broader inspiration.


The theme exhibition creates a dark space and enables every piece of work shine in the dark. It also

implies that although there are many imperfect things in the world, many people are still using their own power to make changes and explore new possibilities.


Curatorial Assistants: Sarah Guo, Cathy Hu

Executive Director: Yvonne Dai

Media Director: Mi Meng

Exhibition Coordinator: Kevin Kwong

Exhibition Designers: Bo Zhang, Jingjing Wang, Bingxiang An

Visual Designers: Pucha Guan, Qianyun Wu, Yujun Liu

Administrative Assistants: Ivy Cai, Spring Liu, Messi Lin

Volunteer Coordinators: UniFringe, Xiaolin Huang, Xinli Li, Tongtong Li, Zilin Wu, Yin Wu, Hao Shen


TV Brand Partner: CHANGHONG

SoundBox Brand Partner: F&D


Special Acknowledgement Mechanism (In No Particular Order): The Museum of Modern Art(MoMA), Scala Group Spa, CECILIA DE TORRES, LTD., OCT Art & Design Gallery

Special Thanks (In No Particular Order): Sitian Zhang, Wenting Li, Jun Zeng, Olivia Ding, Betty Xiao, Yan Zhao, Dongwei Qi, Hongtao Tao, Ruijun Zhang, Xiaoqing Wang, Laya Zheng, Sherry Xiao, Marthinus Christoffel van Deventer, Denise Ortiz, Jason Ho, Wenyuan Wu, Wentao Ruan, Lin Zhong, Zhida He, Hong Ma, Xiaodan Wang , Yukun Yi, Ouyang Yongyan, Weigen Lan, Mengjun Qiu, Jiang Huang, Wenfeng Huang, Bingxuan Liu, Lei Liu, Aixia Li, Wei Zhao, Caihong Lu, Xia Geng, Jian Wen, Wenkai Lin, Cheng Li, Guimei Xu, Yang Liu

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