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OUR PLACE: Twin Cities Children Co-creation Program
​Shenzhen x Manchester




Shenzhen, Manchester


International Exchange​


Starting from April 2021, the Shenzhen Fringe Art Center and Design Manchester have been chosen as the representative organizations for the "Connections through Culture Grants" program, which aims to foster cultural exchange between China and the UK. These two cities have embarked on an in-depth exploration of their shared characteristics and have identified a common theme—the future of cities lies in children.


As a result, the "OUR PLACE: Twin Cities Children Co-creation Program" was born. This international collaboration is a two-year interdisciplinary project running from March 2022 to November 2023. We are working closely with a diverse range of professionals, including artists, designers, architects, performers, and local and international organizations. The program aims to encourage diverse perspectives, foster a spirit of active sharing, learning, and effective communication, and create an open international platform and network with a child-friendly focus. We aim to harness the collective efforts of various sectors of society to achieve our goals.

As a long-term project centered around children's participation, we sincerely hope it will be an iterative process, dynamically adapting based on the project's objectives and logic. Ultimately, the program aims to generate collaborative outcomes created with children, embodying their voices and perspectives.


The SIDE BY SIDE Art Co-creation Workshops serve as the inaugural "OUR PLACE: Twin Cities Children Co-creation Program event." As the first pilot project of this program, Design Manchester and the Shenzhen Fringe Art Center will each invite local children from their respective cities to join the co-creation teams. The workshops occurred in Manchester and Shenzhen on May 18th and 19th, 2022.


The workshops aim to foster an exchange of perspectives shaped by different cultural backgrounds through painting and sharing discussions. Participants will collaboratively explore what the city means to our children and delve into their experiences of these urban spaces. This initiative provides a platform for children to express their thoughts and visions, promoting cross-cultural understanding and paving the way for further exploration and dialogue throughout the duration of the program.

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