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2018 Nanshan Pop Festival DeSOUND Concert




OCT Harbour


International Exchange

Sponsor: Nanshan District Shenzhen Propaganda Department(Style Council)

Organizer: Intox Design & Communication

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Yuntian Zhuque Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Curatorial Team: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

2018 Nanshan Pop Festival - DeSOUND Concert hope to make more beautiful music heard. Good music is not necessarily "underground". We want to put good music on the table and surface, so there is a "DeSOUND" - "on the ground" to share and communicate in a relaxed and healthy environment, to people who are constantly looking for in the Lehai Find an island that can be landed. Here, there is no sect, no talk about capital, as long as you have pure and persistent passion for music.


In Shenzhen, there are a group of outstanding musicians from all over the world who work and live here and they love the city. On the DeSOUND Concert, each of the wonderful songs of different styles is presented. Pop, jazz, rock and electronic are converging on this stage. For the first time, from the edge to the public, bring joy to the audience, here is the international metropolis, the popular Nanshan.

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