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30th Anniversary of Pozań/Shenzhen Sister Cities
Exhibition of Poster Design




Guan Shanyue Art Museum


International Exchange​


Host: Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality


Organizer: Guan Shanyue Art Museum, University of the Arts Poznan


Curatorial Institution:Shenzhen Fringe Art Center


Artists:(Sort by initials)


Agata Kulczyk

Du Fengsong

Grzegorz Mycka

Huang Yang

Liao Bofeng

Marcin Markowski

Piotr Marzol

Wang Yuefei

Wojciech Janicki


Academic Host: Chen Xiangbo

Exhibition Directors: Wang Xinni, Chen Junyu

Curators: Eric Zhu, Mateusz Biczynski


Exhibition Organizers: Cheng Ping, Zhou Yi

Project Manager: Xu Zhongyun

Exhibition Coordination: Xie Xianliang

International Affairs Management: Chen Fang

Administrative Coordination: Luo Xi, Wang Xiaohan

Exhibition Curating: Dai Yuying, Yue Zheng, Luo Eve, Luo Chuhan Visual Design: Wu Zhihao, Mo Luyao

Media Promotion: Liu Le, Xing Zhihui, Du Yayi

Public Programme: Xu Zhongyun, Chen Zhuofei

Photography and Videography: Liang Rong

Collection Management: Chen Hongjuan, Tan Hui

Art Archives: Cao Yujie

Digital Technology: Xiao Zhuging, Lin Xizhe



Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA)

No.9 Guitar Road

Design 360°

The important prelude to the signing of the Sister City Agreement between Shenzhen and Poznań was laid out on July 30th, 1993, and today, 30 years after the signing of the Agreement, the city is committed to cooperation, exchange and mutual understanding in different cultural contexts, which has brought about exploratory and revelatory design research and discussions.


The exhibition is opened to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sister Cities, through the visual design styles and cultural concepts of the two cities, presenting the unique charm and cultural representativeness of each city, and continuously retrospecting and looking forward to the unique creative history of poster design of the two sides.


The exhibition is hosted by Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, organised by Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum and University of the Arts Poznań, and curated by Shenzhen Frontier Fringe Art Center.


The theme of the exhibition is "Design Connection", presenting a selection of posters by 10 outstanding designers and design teams from Shenzhen and Poznań. Taking the 30th anniversary as a starting point, the design creativity and inspiration collide and intertwine with one another in the drawings, fulfilling the functions given by the language differences with unique design concepts in different dimensions, and transforming the graphic narrative into a common language and connection between the social contexts of China and the West. The graphic narratives are transformed into a common language and connection between the social contexts of China and the West. In the Co-creation section, designers complete the planning of inspiration and co-creation through the process of "selection, reorganization and regeneration", creatively exploring their own unique forms and methods of artistic expression.


The exhibition also adopts the "Metaphorical Approach" as its narrative method, i.e. using parts to summarize the whole, and using poster design works to build up the expression and elaboration of the urban cultures of Shenzhen and Poznań. The content of the exhibition presents representative and outstanding poster works, design groups and co-creations, as well as the reproduction of unique studio scenes and the communication process, interpreting the focus of the two cities' history, culture, design and art in the context of localization and internationalization.


The 30th Anniversary Bi-City Poster Exhibition serves as the beginning of an exploration of international poster design exchanges, an opportunity to explore the development of a new design language, an opportunity to follow the communion that connects the friendly cities, and an outlook for continued cross-cultural inspiration and collaboration in both directions.

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