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The 14th Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2023

​艺穗马拉松 Fringe Marathon


Running to me,

 is just like dancing to others. 

Looking for the rhythm of life, 

where I hear the language from body and soul. 

The energy of a city comes from its farseeing and diverse background. Since the launch of the Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2010. 'Art for Everyone, Stage for Everywhere' has always been our belief. Over the past 14 years, the Shenzhen Fringe Festival has been continuously articulating different artistic and cultural vision with an open spirit, and has become an international platform that combines creativity and popularity. 


Over the years, we are committed to creating the best experience for artists and audiences. We chose spontaneous places to narrate the seemingly mundane everyday life, such as pedestrian corridors, observatory and normal offices. The simple but sincere 

interactions attached to the team's dedicated works converted the very purpose of the Shenzhen Fringe Festival, which contains joy, leisure, creativity, inclusiveness and magnificence.


The theme of the 2023 Shenzhen Fringe Festival is 'Fringe Marathon,' which is inspired by the balance between breaths and strength while running. Marathon is about insistence, selfconfidence and the constant adjustment during the journey, which absolutely reflect the spirit of the Shenzhen Fringe Festival. With hundreds of performances taking place in theaters, alleyways and all imaginable or unimaginable spaces during the festival, the festival presents like a long-distance run that the public could encounter with diversity on the way. 


Engagement is a key point of this year's Shenzhen Fringe Festival. Fringe in Town section invites different folk theater troupes, smoothly blending life and art to give the audiences the opportunity to feel the unique charm of local culture from multiple perspectives. 


The Shenzhen Fringe Festival will be open to the public from morning to night for 24/7, bringing fresh art experiences to our vibrant city. Come and join us for running into the marathon of art that blurs the boundary between performing arts and daily life.

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