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The 13th Shenzhen Fringe Festival in 2022

​艺穗不平凡 Power Fringe


As promised, the 2022 Shenzhen Fringe Festival aims to merge art with the cultural bloodstream of the city, transcending the limitations of time and space to harness the boundless potential of every ordinary corner.

Under the slogan "POWER FRINGE,” the festival comprises six major components: FRINGE STAGE, FRINGE ONLINE, FRINGE IN TOWN, FRINGE BATTLE, FRINGE BUS, and FRINGE SHOP. These segments offer diverse experiences, from experimental and innovative artistic expressions to interactive art encounters in daily life. The "FRINGE ONLINE" segment presents the remarkable "When We Look Up at the Stars for the First Time - Online Concert," breaking through boundaries of venue, content, and reach to share the power of the universe and music with a broader audience. The "FRINGE STAGE" presents an immersive sensory and spiritual journey featuring many experimental and locally inspired performances. In the "FRINGE IN TOWN" segment, visitors can engage in various art experiences, including flash mobs, graffiti, and camping, fostering a deeper connection with the local community. "FRINGE SHOP" provides a space for artists and art enthusiasts to unite, offering diverse visual experiences and inspiring creative exploration. The "FRINGE BUS" embarks on a unique musical journey, led by Wanglei & Yile (ft. Bleu) bridging the gap between nature and the urban landscape with fresh, original music and timeless classics.

The 2022 Shenzhen Fringe Festival brought together over 120,000 offline attendees and 45,387 online participants, activating the city's vitality through the transformative power of art. This celebration of art not only fosters gender equality, disability inclusivity, and children's education but also creates a platform for cultural exchange and exploration.

The spirit of "Art for Everyone, Everywhere" continues to evolve and inspire growth in the city, nurturing a collective passion for art and its limitless possibilities.

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