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Shenzhen International Low Carbon City
Public Art Exhibition 2022





Shenzhen International Low Carbon City,


Public Art​


Everything in nature is in a wonderful balance, and everything on earth is built around the bond of "balance". Carbon is one of them. Its polygonal structure was originally in linear balance, but in the course of human history, carbon emissions have risen exponentially, shattering the equilibrium that the world has always maintained. This ecological crisis has awakened the people in the midst of the complicated industry, and the question of how to maintain the ties of the past has become the question to be considered today.

This year's public art exhibition is themed "Art of Balance" and is centered on two key words: "low carbon" and "energy". The exhibition will feature eight groups of artists from Shenzhen, Beijing, Hong Kong, Nagoya, Japan and Kyoto, Japan, whose works in the form of painting, sculpture, architecture and installation will be integrated into the diverse spatial fields and natural ecological environment of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City. With innovative expressions, cutting-edge international perspectives, open and inclusive thinking, and artistic practices, the artists will re-conceptualize energy and ecology and consider the sustainable relationship between art creation, nature, space and mythology. We hope that people can live in harmony with the ecological environment again and re-examine the way of balance between human and nature.


As the three main sections of this year's public art exhibition, "Infinite Possibilities", "Mysteries of Nature" and "Constructing the Future" express the progressive relationship between human beings and nature from awareness to communion, and show the artistic expression of different dimensions of the issue of "low carbon".

Organizer:Longgang District Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC

Co-organizer:Pingdi Sub-district Office of Shenzhen Longgang District

Curatorial Institution: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Exhibition Design: INTOX Design Associates

Supporters(in no particular order):

Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co.,Ltd,

Shenzhen National Climate Observatory

China Resources Land City Operation Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,

Shenzhen Huacheng International Low Carbon City Development and Construction Co., Ltd.,

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation,

Shenzhen Women and Children's Development Foundation,

Shenzhen Mangrove Wetlands Conservation Foundation,


DIVE FOR LOVE (Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteer Federation),

Dapeng Peninsula Marine Library

Curator: Eric ZHU

PART A Infinite Possibilities

01 Tong Kunniao: "Double" Flower Bring a Mellow Sweetness 

02 LuLu: A Healing Trip: Saving Our Atmosphere!

PART B Mysteries of Nature

03 Zhu Jianchen: Nebula0927 We are all here waiting for a song

04 Hei Yiyang: Mangkhut Plan 

05 Du Fengsong: Cycle of Leaves 

06 UMMM: Marbling Stone

PART C Constructing the Future

07 Bai Xiaoci&Xu Linyin: Birthplace from Ocean

08 Manfred Yuen: A Fading Bridge 

In addition, the exhibition cooperates with Mangrove Foundation and YIPAI to conduct two art workshops, allowing the public to participate in the creation of art from a shallow to deep perspective, while recognizing the importance of "low carbon" and "sustainable development" and examining the balance between human beings and nature.

WORKSHOP01 Energy Planet

On October 22nd, Zhu Jianchen's "Energy Planet" art workshop was initiated by Shenzhen Fringe Art Center and Mangrove Foundation. 30 participants went to the Shenzhen Observatory, where the mountains and the sea meet, and collected their favorite natural objects on foot, and through artistic meditation and guidance, completed each person's "Energy Planet" creation. Through art meditation and guidance, each participant completed the creation of an "energy planet". Through exploration of nature and inner observation, the participants felt the resonance between human and nature.

WORKSHOP02 Waste stone as treasure

The UMMM "Waste Stone as Treasure" workshop was initiated by Shenzhen Fringe Art Center and YIPAI. As part of the art co-creation exhibition, the workshop recruited ten groups of parents and children to collect ordinary stones from everyday life, and on October 29, under the remote video guidance of UMMM, through imaginative coloring, the ordinary stones were given a beautiful marble-like pattern and an unusual glow. Through the art workshop, adults and children were able to focus on the smallest things around them.

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