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2021 YAV Incubation Programme Achievement Show




Shenzhen Nantou City


Public Art​


YAV International Youth Arts Platform, co-sponsored by Shenzhen Vanke Development Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Fringe Art Center, aims at exploring, nurturing and incubating international young artists and their works, and is committed to providing young artists with creative support and professional development opportunities through collaboration with professional arts and cultural institutions and experienced artists. By taking community and public space as the stage, we will create an annual art programme and an international interdisciplinary cultural exchange platform for young artists. 


As the first art project launched by YAV International Youth Arts Platform, the 2021 YAV Creation Programme takes Nan Tou City as the starting point, provides financial support for outstanding creative programmes and encourages diverse dialogues and practices to explore more possibilities for the future of Shenzhen. Through the gathering and creation of diverse young artistic talents, it stimulates greater social public value for the development of community and the construction of urban arts and cultural ecology, which is expected to form an influential urban cultural cluster in Shenzhen. 


IMPACTING is the theme of the 2021 YAV Creation Programme. Creation, is achieved through the superposition of different layers, and the collision and splicing of different elements. Arts, as the expression and extension of imagination, dissolve the boundary of physical space and mental emotion. 

With its long history and rich culture, Nan Tou City has reflected the development of the times and the current social life, and has highly concentrated the urban spirit of Shenzhen. Artistic creation allows people and the surroundings in the city to fully display their own characteristics and provide opportunities for expression. How to create new artistic vitality based on the regional history, culture and the environment?

IMPACTING will show huge inclusiveness with the creative spaces that has opened up, making it possible for different groups to have dialogues, thus bringing opportunities to create greater public value and to change the social cognition.

YAV International Youth Art Platform




Shenzhen Fringe Art Center


Come with the Street


Kleines Glück, das Brettspiel Hau


Apace Ark 2020

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