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Come with the streets|2021 YAV Incubation Programme Achievement Show


Fluffy Feely Field(FFF)



Sound Roaming


2022.01.08-01.09, 01.15, 01.16


Shenzhen Nantou City

"What would you want to leave behind the most if you were about to erase all your personal memories and go to a whole new world? "

Come with the streets is a combination of sound promenade and live action. Through a soft science fiction story, you will travel to the Nine Streets as remembered by a new immigrant pioneer who is about to leave Earth. The work revolves around the historical narrative of Nan Tou City in multiple time and space, interweaving and extending the three dimensions of sound-phenomenon, space-imagination, local experience-cultural construction. It is closely based on documentary historical materials and field research, expressing the perception,embodied experience, and reflection of a generation in Shenzhen from different aspects.

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