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​Fringe of Two Cities

一Both Sides Now: Manchester x Shenzhen




Super HYM Factory


International Exchange

一体两面:曼彻斯特 X 深圳 —— 线上创意音乐合作计划_15.png

This project is supported by The British Council.

Both Sides Now: Manchester X Shenzhen - Online Creative Music Collaboration Project" is a joint initiative between Manchester-based charity Bright Voices and Shenzhen-based Chinese arts organization Frontier Fringe Art Center, bringing together women and non-binary gender artists from both China and the UK. Through online sharing and exchange, creation and exhibition, the project showcases the results of the collision and integration of musicians from different cultural backgrounds, and is dedicated to promoting the sustainable and balanced development of the music industry.


The online collaboration runs from December 2020 to October 2021 and features Manchester-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist CHAINES (Cee Haines) alongside Shenzhen-based crossover musician, keyboardist and artist Lele (Yile), bringing a new musical experience through a combination of songwriting and animation.


In addition to the online collaboration, we have planned the "Twin Cities Fringe Sharing Session" at the 2021 Shenzhen Bay Fringe Festival to share with the public the exchange and cooperation program between Shenzhen, China and Manchester, UK, where artist Yile shares the stories of music creation by artists from different backgrounds and identities in the two cities, in addition to the organizing committee burning the music created by the artists into vinyl records for archiving.



乐乐 Wang Yile

Shenzhen, China

Born in 1984 in Shanghai, she graduated from the University of Sydney's School of Architecture, majoring in architectural design and public art. Since the age of 3, she has been studying classical piano under the late pianist Hu Tianjia. With a solid foundation in contemporary art studies and classical piano playing skills, Lele has built his own aesthetic system over the years by combining architecture and multifaceted music genre studies, and has co-founded the art-pop group "Leilu" with bassist Wang Lei, which is dedicated to developing crossover music projects. With his critical analysis and rich understanding of arrangement and sound sampling, Lele has launched a series of diversified crossover collaborations.


CHAINES(Cee Haines)

Manchester, UK

CHAINES (Cee Haines, they/them) are Manchester, UK-based composers, multi-instrumentalists and multimedia artists creating surreal and fantastical electronic and electro-acoustic music.In June 2019, they were awarded the PRS Foundation and BBC New Radiophonic Studio's Oram Award. Their album "Kings" was critically acclaimed; their live performance was described by the Guardian as "a stunning collage of ecclesiastical beauty and awe. In addition to their solo electronic work, CHAINES has collaborated extensively with the London Contemporary Orchestra.



《城市边际》City Limits



Acoustic Guitar: WANG Lei

Soundscape Sampling: CHAINES

Alto Harp: CHAINES

Keyboard/Piano: LELO

Mixing/mastering: LUO Bin (Timing Music Studio)

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