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Blue Ocean - Reshaping the Future" Public Art Exhibition 






​Public Art


Organizer: SCPG Foundation, SCPG, One Planet Foundation

Technical support: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Curator: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Special thanks: Dive For Love, Dapeng Marine Library, UBIES

"The world produces about 300 million tons of plastic every year, about a tenth of which ends up in the oceans.


The ecology of the oceans is inextricably linked to the lives of all of us. More than two-thirds of the surface of our planet, also known as the "Blue Planet," is covered by oceans. The oceans are the cradle of life on Earth, providing essential ecological services to humans and all life around the world. However, man-made plastic waste is gradually eroding almost every corner of the ocean...


According to WWF, marine plastic waste kills 15 million marine organisms every year. If nothing is done, the weight of marine plastic waste is expected to exceed that of fish by 2050. The massive amount of plastic pollution is already causing serious damage to the Earth's ecosystem, with the greatest impact on marine systems.


The public art exhibition "Blue Ocean - Reshaping the Future" is initiated by SCPG Foundation and One Planet Foundation, with technical support from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and curated by Shenzhen Fringe Art Center (FAC). With the theme of "Reshaping the Future", the exhibition is based on the four main tracks: Origin-Reflection-Awareness-Reshaping, and features five groups of works by three local and international artists, The exhibition focuses on marine ecology and plastic pollution, using different forms of artistic expression to advocate the plastic-reduction, purification and reshape of the ocean, and to call for more people to protect the marine environment and take care of our "blue planet" together.

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