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AILI Girls Chorus




Nanshan Cultural Center

​YIPAI Space


Public Art​


Initiating Organizations:

Shenzhen Women and Children's Development Foundation

Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Supporting Organizations:

Zhongyi Charity Foundation

Yi π

INTOX Design Associates

Artistic Coordination: Mengqi Zhou

Artistic Director: Yifan Chen

Vocal Guidance: Hangqian Li

Instructors: Yuhong Huang, Shujun Zhou

Shenzhen, known as the City of Dreams and a city of immigrants, has many children from families who came to build their dreams. In September 2022, the Ai Li Girls' Chorus Project ("Ai Li") was established through charitable donations, open recruitment, and selection. It formed a public welfare choir of children aged 6 to 12 from families who migrated to Shenzhen. After three months of professional choir training, with weekly sessions, the children learned to read sheet music and sing with confidence. They went from Chinese songs to learning songs in other languages. In November of the same year, they performed on stage at the 2022 Shenzhen Fringe Festival with their first concert, "The Sound of Love." The concert was presented online in December and received widespread recognition from parents, teachers, and the community.


The children found companionship through the choir, built confidence, and enriched their extracurricular lives. With the establishment of Ai Li, more people have started paying attention to the growth of children from immigrant families in Shenzhen. This has further fostered the spirit of an open, inclusive, and diverse city, promoting the development of Shenzhen as a child-friendly city.

AILI Girls:

Junhui Chen, Ziyu Wen, Yuqing Luo, Jingqiu Liang, Ruoxi Ji, Zengqi Zhang, Zhuai Huang, Ning Chen, Xinyi Zhou, Qinghan Zhang, Yirui Lian, Yanyi Chen, Yanying Yu, Yuxi Liu, Shiwen Zhang, Shiqi Zhang, Dongting Dai, Wenwan Lu, Jiatong Wang, Yatong Lin, Yixuan Wang, Ziran Long, Miaohan Zhou, Jiawei Chen, Jiayan Zhang, Jiayun Zhang, Sini Guo, Zixuan Yem, Xuan Wang, Jin Liu, Duoer Xie, Xinrong Wang, Jingwen Lu, Kexin Zhou, Yunzi Wang

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