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Tomoyuki Koseko: Astronomy in Breakfa


2022.09.17-11.27(temporarily closed on September 18)




​International exchange


Tomoyuki Koseko, a young artist and graphic designer living in Fujisawa, Shonan, Japan, uses his wild imagination to combine "mimetic" creative techniques, and through experimental works and interactive products, he fuses seemingly unrelated ordinary things twice to give them a new visual image and meaning.


In Koseko's works, his rational and logical mode of thinking can be seen, while revealing a sensual and delicate form of expression. In 2016, using the Tokyo Art Book Fair as an opportunity, Koseko released the "gitai mimicry" series of art books. Through art and design-related exhibitions in Japan and internationally, Koseko was able to interact with creatives from different regions. "I often meet creatives who use strong colors, and they use very unique titles that make me feel a different energy from Japanese art." Feeling the collision of multiple cultures, Koseko re-tuned the use of color in "gitai mimicry".


The creation of mimesis has not only changed the perspective of how Koseko sees things. Through the presentation of graphic design, it also allows him to transform ordinary scenes in life into surprising romantic encounters.


The fresh meat on the supermarket shelf may be a map; the endless rotation of the planets may be the scene of overlapping plates in a restaurant kitchen; the egg, from being cooked, peeled and cut in half, is actually the process of the moon's movement around the orbit. With a series of "mimetic" works related to daily life, Koseko has turned our daily life and the objects we see everywhere into a visual experiment, hoping that people will return to the present moment to savor the hidden beauty around them in the midst of daily life.


With the theme of "Planets and Breakfast", Tomoyuki Oze's solo exhibition opens at Between Factory. In the daily scene of breakfast, we connect the signals of celestial bodies far away in space. Through the combination of two seemingly unrelated elements, we see the cross-section of the universe in the delicious ham and eggs, and open the exploration through the imagination of "parallel universe": ham planet, fried egg moon, beef map ......

Through this exhibition, we hope to build the mundane universe of daily life and find unexpected pleasures in the unchanging life.

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