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HERE is ZINE#20 




Botanic Hall, Nantou City


​International exchange



Shenzhen Fringe Art Center, Enlightenment, ubies, miniminigallery, University of Arts in Poznan


Hiro Sugiyama, Benny Au, Eric Zhu, Hiroaki Shono,Mateusz Bieczyński

ZINE is an abbreviation for Magazine, which is the same as the all-encompassing nature of a magazine, but it is not necessarily a regular booklet, it can be a play, an illustrated book, or even an art installation. Dating back to the 1960s, it was a product of the birth of the punk movement and the rise of the subculture.

With the slogan "Making a unique book", "HERE is ZINE" was taken over by Tokyo-based creative group enlightenment in 2010, inviting creators from different fields to participate in each event.


"Here is ZINE #20" is a touring exhibition with the theme of "Love and Love", which will be held in Shenzhen(China), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong(China) and for the first time, Poznan, Europe. Through Zine, the exhibition showcases the individuality of the cities and the creativity of the artists, allowing love to converge in people's hearts and between cities.

"Here is ZINE #20" Poznan exhibition was held at the Poznan University of Arts. The University of Fine Arts Poznań is the only art university in Poland that offers a multidisciplinary education and has long been among the world's leading universities due to its diverse and rich disciplinary structure and encouraging atmosphere of practice.

Date: 2021.11.27-12.11

VenueDesign UAP Gallery, Poznan University of the Arts 

"Here is ZINE #20" was presented in the “Fringe New Vision" section of the 2021 Shenzhen Fringe Festival, and lasted from November 20 to December 4, receiving about 9,500 visitors.

"Here is ZINE #20" Hong Kong exhibition is held at miniminigallery, an art space founded by Hong Kong curator Benny Au. miniminigallery is dedicated to curating design exhibitions and seminars in different fields, and regularly invites designers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition.

Date: 2021.11.27-12.31

Venue: miniminigallery

"Here is ZINE #20" Tokyo exhibition was held at BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU, located on the top floor of Laforet HARAJUKU, a shopping mall in Tokyo, during which the works of students from Vantan Design Institute, the largest design institute in Japan, were exhibited simultaneously.

Date: 2021.11.23-11.29


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