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2023 Bàng!Children's Arts Festival




OCT Loft


Public Art





Artistic Support:

Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Every one of us was once a child, and the artistic imagination and creativity that comes from childhood will continue to nourish and enrich everyone's inner world as they grow up.

2023 Bàng! Children's Arts Festival is centered on the theme of "Stand by Kids", using art as a means and storytelling as a clue, infiltrating the "spirit of exploration" into the exciting art practice of children's co-creation, cultivating children's active learning ability, and encouraging children's participation and initiative in creating.


This children's arts festival includes "Look! A little friend has a big roc friend" "Let's go! Let's go to Panama" and "Come on, have a cup of tea before you go!”. The festival covering art installations, parent-child workshops, parades, guided tours, interactive performances and other art disciplines and methods. Children explore with artists and peers, learn to respect each other in the process, and enhance their communication skills and creativity while acquiring knowledge and skills. Families, schools and the community will also be involved in the program to inspire the future from a child's point of view, accompanying children in their development and activating the vitality of life in the community.

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