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「Art><Creativity」Exhibition Series in 

the Greater Bay Area:

Things That We Overlook  in Everyday Life


Angel Hui, Michael Leung




Shenzhen Nantou City

art creativity exhibition 2 poster.png

Are there possibilities for reinterpretation of everyday objects?


Artist Angel Hui and designer Michael Leung are particularly fond of the strange beasts and fantasy worlds in the pre-Qin text "Shanhaijing". They use this extraordinary imagination that transcends the ages as the starting point for their creation, giving a second life to ordinary objects and making them interesting and useful. Through their unique creative concept, art and design approach, they hope to inspire viewers to appreciate the details of life and to give new meaning to the most ordinary objects.


In this exhibition, they will bring their own works and use ordinary objects as creative motifs to create a set of neon works each, reflecting the new normality under the epidemic and the small surprises in life that we don't notice.

Presented by:

​Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

​Co-organised by:

Art Promotion Office

Hong Kong Designers Association

Project Partner: 

​Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Venue Support:

​Shenzhen Nantou City

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