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​「Art><Creativity」Exhibition Series in 

the Greater Bay Area:

Secret Adventures to the Depths of the Brain 


Jane Lee, Eddy Hui​




Shenzhen Nantou City

画板 7_500x-100.jpg

Why do artists and designers always "burn their brains"? When they have no idea what to do, when their work is rejected by the client, when they have to start over, when they are inspired to work around the clock. The untold brainstorming process of creators is like a thrilling journey.

The first space is a dreamy paradise painted by Jane Lee, with colorful apple houses, pumpkin carts, mushroom clouds, and water drops filled with the artist's vision of a better world; the second space is Eddy Hui's imaginary cityscape, allowing viewers to peek at the city's glitter and rapid development through a hidden art installation; the third space is a black-and-white cityscape created by the artist Jane Lee and designer Eddy Hui. The third space is co-created by them, and is composed of cityscape paintings that are considered "failures" by the client but "successes" by the creator, allowing the audience to feel the loneliness behind the bustling city in a black and white future urban scene.

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