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「Art><Creativity」Exhibition Series in 

the Greater Bay Area:

 Hakkanese Contemporary


Bodin Hon&Dilara Kan, Ray Chan​




Huizhou Wild Island Culture&Life Community

2022 Apo poster-惠州展-简体.png

For thousands of years, Hakka people have moved to the south and scattered all over the world, but they are still called "Hak" even though they have settled down. Sometimes they are scattered, sometimes they are reunited, and if people are not scattered, "home" will be there, and warmth will always exist. This exhibition will be held in Huizhou, a place that retains a rich Hakka culture, with the theme of "Hakka|New Hakka", reinterpreting Hakka culture and food through artistic creation.

The artist, Ray Chan, traces the origins of the tradition and finds that the traditional Hakka method of making wine has something in common with pottery firing, so he blends the Hakka method of making wine and ceramics to create a new series of ceramic wine chickens and wine vessels. The traditional large wine urn is gradually being eliminated by the development of the times. In order to keep the Hakka brewing tradition alive in the wheel of the times, the artist also uses 3D printing technology to create contemporary wine urns, giving a new look to Hakka brewing.

Also inspired by Hakka food culture, design team Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan of Yellow Dot Design Studio turned their attention to traditional Hakka furniture - the Eight Immortals Table. During family celebrations and festivals, people always gather around the Eight Immortals Table to talk about the world, drink and sing together. The two designers use advanced technology to recreate the Eight Immortals Table, which carries the Hakka tradition, hoping to show the continuous march of cultural heritage under technological innovation.

Through the exhibition, the artists and the design team hope to bring a touch of newness to the traditional Hakka food culture, so as to guide the audience to reflect on the coexistence of innovation and tradition, and to feel the warmth of "home" when being a "guest" in another country.

*In addition to the offline exhibitions, the 2022-2023 Greater Bay Area Art Exhibition Series "Art ><Creativity" is presented in a 360-degree virtual exhibition hall, where visitors can follow the instructions on the screen to view the exhibition online and enjoy the fun of art at any time without the restrictions of time and place. We hope that through the continuous exchange of culture and art, new possibilities and creativity will be triggered in the city.

Presented by:

​Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

​Co-organised by:

Art Promotion Office

Hong Kong Designers Association

Project Partner: 

​Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Venue Support:

Huizhou Wild Island Culture&Life Community

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