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「Art><Creativity」Exhibition Series in 

the Greater Bay Area:

Mindscape Beyond the Landscape 


Danny Lee, Chris Cheung




Guangzhou International Grand City

AXC poster3-2103010_outline-01.jpg

There is love in the landscape, and there is a meeting between the landscape and the mountains. Artist Danny Lee and designer Chris Cheung have coincidentally drawn inspiration from the spirituality of the landscape. The first group of works is like a three-dimensional landscape painting composed of several mirror sculptures, while the second group is an interactive media art installation that creates many interesting objects, with different transitions between static and dynamic. It is hoped that the audience can encounter the clear shadows of nature, understand the special meaning of the landscape and embark on a spiritual journey created by the landscape during the exhibition.

Presented by:

​Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

​Co-organised by:

Art Promotion Office

Hong Kong Designers Association

Project Partner: 

​Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Venue Support:

Guangzhou International Grand City

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