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「Art><Creativity」Exhibition Series in 

the Greater Bay Area:

Déjà vu, perhaps?


Margaret Chu, So Kwok Kin




Dongugan Reading Mi Bookshop


As you walk along the streets you often pass, do you notice the familiar scenes constantly changing? The old buildings, stores on the street corners, and stalls on the roadside seem to be disappearing before our eyes as if they cannot withstand the changes of the times. These small changes have gradually changed the familiar scenes over time, and occasionally, when we look back, the city has become unfamiliar.


The artist Margaret Chu and the designer So Kwok Kinlamented about these people and things that are constantly scattering and passing away silently. Margaret Chui uses the shadow of the moon and the tide as a metaphor for the gathering and scattering of people, expressing her thoughts with poetic artistic language and ordinary and inconspicuous materials. The moonlight from the sky is projected on the water waves, meeting on this night, the moon shines with light, the water responds with waves, between one call and one response, the gathering and dispersal flows. As time passes, perhaps, every encounter is a long goodbye reunion. Su Guojian presents his imagination with nostalgic architectural elements and current popular art methods, transforming the fading architectural elements in the urban landscape into living species, and fantasies grow silently in the real scene with different buildings, changing the city landscape into a strange appearance. Whether it is the natural scenery that looks familiar or the urban landscape that looks like fantasy, it all evokes our memories. Have you been here before?

Presented by:

​Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

​Co-organised by:

Art Promotion Office

Hong Kong Designers Association

Project Partner: 

​Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre

Venue Support:

​Dongguan Reading Mi Bookshop

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