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2021 Bàng! Children's Arts Festival

"Bàng  Sporter"




OCT Harbour


Public Art​


In the "Bàng Sporter" , with Eric Zhu as the curator, the exhibition narrates the origin of the human athletic spirit and the stories behind the athletes through creative artworks, interactive experiences and artistic public education; the exhibition is planned from the perspective of children, allowing children to walk, crawl and express themselves in this free space, reacquainting them with the value and charm of sports, through different art Through different art forms and means, the exhibition stimulates children's perception of and interest in movement and encourages them to explore, express and challenge their own bodies. The exhibition takes the opportunity to open up a multifaceted dialogue between people, sports and art, leading children of all ages into a wonderful journey of sports and art. 


At the same time, the exhibition within the exhibition "WE ARE IN THE SAME GAME 2021" will invite more than 200 artists and designers from five countries, namely China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Thailand, to create works of art that transcend language and borders through the creative exhibition and send a message to the athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Olympic athletes in Tokyo 2020 with encouragement and support. No matter who we are, we are all winners in our own lives and stages, sweating and pushing forward.


The exhibition site also included a set of sports-themed light installation artworks, created by 51 students led by Unbound Studio over the course of a semester. The young artists explored the interplay between the human motor system, the brain and the nervous system, and presented this wonderful connection in cyberpunk-style figures. They began to think about the relationship between humans, machines and computers in the future, and the mechanical part of the work is the children's idea of the possibility of "human-computer interaction" in the future. The name of this work is "Winning the Championship", which focuses on "winning", hoping to express the enterprising spirit of each student to strive for the top.

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