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2020 OCT-LOFT Public Art Exhibition
Trash New Order




Block C2, OCT-LOFT


​Public Art


Organizer: OCT-LOFT

Curatorial Team: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Visual Design: Intox Design Association

Curator: Eric Zhu

Co-curator: Du Fengsong

Director: Liao Bofeng

This is an exhibition about "garbage".


We often think that turning into garbage is the end of an object's life journey; however, it is the beginning of the floating of the remaining objects. The discarded trash does not necessarily lose its value, but as the user changes, or as time and space change, its original properties, meaning, value and the emotions it carries are also reset. We try to rethink and explore the meaning of "trash" through an ongoing artistic and social practice.


The materials used in the 2020 OCT-Loft public art exhibition are all household garbage and unused items collected over the past five months. Due to the epidemic, foreign artists were unable to arrive on site, so we worked with different groups such as the community public, businesses and public welfare organizations to complete each work together with extraordinary enthusiasm, and with the artists connected. This is a brand new attempt, but the means of community penetration and open source co-construction is precisely the special charm of public art.


The meaning of action exists in the everyday, and each small act will have an immeasurable effect in the future. As Yasuji Hanamori said, "The matter of 'cherishing things' cannot be done without a soft heart." Behind each piece of work lies an interesting story, and we cherish all these associated backgrounds and emotions along with the objects used themselves, hoping that you can glimpse the sincerity and warmth in them and transform them into actions with applauding hands to rebuild the beauty with the wounded earth.


Knowing things, cherishing things, loving people, respecting heaven and watching yourself. This special time is perhaps the best time to see everything anew.

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