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OPEN CALL|100+Fair is coming!

Application Time

03/07/2024-20/07/2024(closes at 20th July 24:00pm,GMT+8)

Announcement Time



Longgang District,​ Shenzhen


​International Exchange





The first "100+ Fair" is now open for recruitment! In 2024, "100+ Asia Art Season" will embark on a journey to explore the aesthetics of Asian culture through "the 100+ Fair". Under the theme "Group Portrait," this year's fair will invite artists from various disciplines across Asia. Focused on individual artists, the fair will enable creators to directly engage with public, showcasing Asia's diverse cultures, aesthetics, and creative styles.

From 0 to 1, from 1 to 100, and from 100 to infinity, we are dedicated to breaking boundaries and supporting the sustainable development of the Asian art ecosystem together. We believe every artist and every piece of artwork is a seed filled with vibrant vitality and limitless potential. We look forward to the flourishing of Asian art on the international stage, as we practice, innovate, grow and glow together.



The term "Group Portrait" is often used to refer to the technique of piecing together a complete story with multiple character fragments in literary and artistic works. From style to concept, record evolves into expression, with artworks often serving as aesthetic reflections and conscious projections of the artist's worldview. Thus, artworks are deeply intertwined with specific regional cultures and personal experiences. This reflection emphasizes the relationship between the individual and the group - while acting oneself, the individual is also responding to the actions prompted by the context of the behind times.


In this context, Asia is no longer a static concept but a vibrant collection of diversity. Each Asian artist's work extends beyond individual expression, contributing to a diverse community. Meanwhile, the concept of "Asia" gains richer meaning through these unique interpretations. Therefore, we focus on the unique individual perspectives in art creation, placing artworks within their narratives, and glimpsing how each artist interprets and shapes the contemporary Asian spirit.



What we will provide:

1. Booth Fee Waiver

To better support and encourage the artists for their wonderful cre-

ations, this year's art fair will provide each selected artist with a booth measuring approximately 2x4 square meters, with the booth fee waived.


2. 100+ Awards

We will conduct an on-site review of artworks, with three types of awards given by renowned artists, enterprises, and art media from Asia. These awards aim to encourage splendid art creations and innovative booth displays. Winning artists will have opportunities for solo exhibitions, art residencies, and travel support, among other benefits.


3. Master Artists Conversation

During the fair, we will host a series of talks and present an Asian master artists exhibition, offering an opportunity to engage with leading figures in the art industry. This experience may significantly enhance your career development and artistic inspiration for the future.


4. Media Publicity & Cooperation Opportunities

We will promote the artists and their works through both online and offline channels, offering a wonderful opportunity to showcase your artistic vision to audiences. We will also provide more cooperation opportunities with art enterprises, organizations, and among others.



Shenzhen, a young city and the design capital of China, has a unique historical and geographical perspective on "Asia." Its close by Hong Kong and its connection to the South Seas through migration have shaped its character. 


This year's 100+ Fair will start from Longgang District, Shenzhen and be based in Asia - inviting artists to go deep into this prosperous land. Smoke rising from the Wutong Mountain, Longgang Diatrict has a prosperous manufacturing industry and rich artistic and cultural heritage. The new meets the old, pragmatism and innovation coexist, and a unique urban culture is born here. We hope to use 100+ Fair to meet the local public, communities, and industries to experience the new cross-border, cross-professional, and cross-institutional productivity of the Asian art ecosystem.






Applications for this year's 100+ Fair are now open!

Artists and art groups are welcome to send your application to the official 100+ Fair email:

There is no registration fee. Applications will be accepted until July 20 at 24:00 p.m.

The organizing committee will start the selection process after the application dead-line.

(*please note that we do not accept the applications from institutes for now)



Application time:

03/07/2024-20/07/2024 (closes at 20th

July 24:00pm, GMT+8)

Announcement time:


The contents:

There are no restrictions on the form of the artworks. We welcome different forms of artistic expression and encourage artists to use various materials in their creations. In addition, we are also interested in presenting more interactive pieces, such as on-site impromptu creations and performances.

Application documents:

1. Personal Profile: DOC format, written in English, within 200 words;

2. Personal Photograph: JPG or PNG format, printable quality, file size not less than 1MB, resolution not less than 300DPI;

3. Portfolio: PDF format, no larger than 5MB, containing your representative works and descriptions that fully reflect your creative concepts and ideas;

4. Application Form: Please click the link below to download relative documents of 100+ Fair and complete the 100+Fair Application Form in Chinese or English.


100+ Asia Art Season is an annual event for local art and creativity in Asia, focusing on presenting Asia's diversified artistic land-scape, and is committed to creating a platform for exchanges and co-operation between the public, communities, and businesses at home and abroad, so as to cultivate a new soil for art and creativity in Asia and to explore new values.

In 2024, 100+ will embark on a cultural and aesthetic journey across Asia with "100+ FAIR," unite the power of youth communities with "100+ STYLES-Live Asia," and unleash the boundless potential of art and business crossover with "100+ GOODS-Asia." These initiatives, driven by a forward-looking vision and innovative think-ing, aim to expand the boundaries of art and elevate Asia's presence on the international stage. Together, we practice, innovate, grow and glow together!

Presented by:

Longgang District Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC


Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Cooperation Channel:

We welcome more different forms of coop-eration. If you have any ideas for 100+ Asia Art Season, or if you have any intention of business or media cooperation, please feel free to contact us!

Marketing Manager

Josie Jin

Serra Wang

Other related questions

about 100+ Fair, please contact:


The final right of interpretation of 100+ Asia Art Season belongs to Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

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