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2018 Nanshan Pop Festival
VINLY WAVE Music Culture Week






International Exchange​

Sponsor: Nanshan District Shenzhen Propaganda Department(Style Council)

Organizer: Shenzhen Fringe Art Center

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Yuntian Zhuque Culture Development Co., Ltd., Intox Design & Communication

Supporter: M HOTEL, VINYLHOUSE, 热气球音乐, 嘿呦音乐, Unifringe, LAVO, T-STAR

Vinyl records are not just music for us. They are very figurative objects and clear physical objects. Every album and the person who chooses it has a story behind it. After many years, your iTunes playlist may no longer be available. See, but the vinyl record is different, it will always exist.


Whenever I find a favorite vinyl record, watching them play at 33 or 45 rpm on a mechanically-precision turntable, playing it in full manual mode, the excitement at that moment cannot be described in words.


In recent years, the global black plastic boom has only increased. The Nanjiao Pop Music Festival's "Glue Music Culture Week" has made more young people know about vinyl in a fashion, trend and attitude. Under the joint promotion of cutting-edge Fringe and vinyl house, we hope to show the characteristics of vinyl culture through various activities, let the public experience the charm of vinyl music; and the fresh SILENT DISCIO activities change the way of listening to music in the past. Create a modern vinyl life that fits the modern.

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